IGNITE Your God-Given Power: OBLITERATE Stress with The 'GAME TO 180' – Simple Shifts for Faith-Based Leaders to Triumph Over Time Constraints!
IGNITE Your God-Given Power: OBLITERATE Stress with The 'GAME TO 180' – Simple Shifts for Faith-Based Leaders to Triumph Over Time Constraints!
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What Do You Get?


 - GAME PLAN CALL Your GAME PLAN. We're not messing around here, we're gonna jump on a call and strategize! We're going to get CRYSTAL CLEAR on the amazing feats you're going to accomplish in these next 56-Days. We’re not just setting goals. We're setting BOMBS. Time-bombs set to explode your success!

 - The Simple 3-2-1 Nutrition Protocol - Let's torch this feeling-like-s*** mode you've been trapped in. We're gonna supercharge your energy, elevate your performance, and let you taste what it feels like to operate on an entirely different level!

 - The Vitality Planner - This is your weapon to target your vital intentions every morning. You'll wake up with a purpose, with focus, and with a plan.

 - 56-Day Customized Workout Plan - No more excuses. No more "I need willpower". No more doing crap you hate. We're gonna sculpt you a fit, athletic physique that's ready for battle.

 - "Coach In Your Pocket" App - Uncertainty is the enemy and we're going nuclear on it. You're gonna have the answers you need anytime, anywhere.

 - The Ultimate Morning Checklist -It's time to tap into your unlimited energy. You're going to conquer your morning, seize your day, and claim your victory.

- Group Coaching Calls -  You're not alone in this war. You've got a tribe of warriors with you, holding you accountable, coaching you around obstacles. You report, we strategize, we WIN.

- "Self Leadership" System - This is your blueprint for success in ALL of your VITAL-4 areas. You're gonna stay dialed in, on-target, and be the king of your life.

Leaders, it's time. 
It's time to rise. 
It's time to conquer. 
It's time to live the life you were meant to!


Don't Just Take My Word For It...

Who is Seth Humphrey?

Seth is founder and CEO of The Vitality Mill, StretchU, The Gorilla Alliance, as well as the author of "Performance on Demand" How To Gamify Your life To Win In Everything"

He is sought out by clients to RADICALLY overhaul the way they feel and perform... his clients range from men who want to be leaders in their family to brand new business owners starting out to experienced business men... 

..his strategies have helped his clients lose over 100lbs, restore marriages, earn more, 
 and ultimately help men step into their most elite versions.

...his focus on health, mindset, and gamifying strategies allows his clients to perform with less complexity by simply focusing in on THE GAME PLAN
 and building A DIRECT PATH to lead them there... 

...Seth is a believer that life is simple when we slow down, question our thoughts and do what we said we would do... 

...if he's not working out or working inside his businesses, you can find him hanging with his wife and son... 

Seth's Core Values And The Men Of The Gorilla Alliance Live By:

  • Do What You Said You Would Do
  • Set The Standard
  • Do What Others Wont So I Can Do What Others Cant
  • ​I Don't Lose I Learn
  • ​I'm Intentional In Everything I Do